I was born in Columbus Ohio and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio ART from New York University in 2003. In addition, I have taken painting and illustration classes at Parsons School of Design’s Pre-college Summer Intensive Study program and Pratt Institute’s School of Continuing Education. I recently co- launched the first Studio Art Alumni Critique Group with Master Professor Maureen Gallace to engage visual arts professionals in a productive critical dialog outside academia. 

My artwork is inspired by New York City’s constant evolution, collective memory, imaginary picture and ultimate essence. I have recently begun to integrate, layer and manipulate my traditional practice of painting and drawing with photography, collage, digital technology, projection and installation. My creative process involves a series repetitive re-interpretations; extending the dialog from one artistic medium and making it available for further elaboration in new media, context and experience. The quixotic reconstruction of the city paints a visual soundtrack for the intangible experience of its changing space. 

In 2009, I launched my art apparel line, BHEKI, to apply my art in relevant, functional and accessible context. The totes and tees featured one of a kind designs that collaged and re-interpreted my paintings with embroidered drawings, digitally printed illustrations and other embellishments. The concept of using a tote or tee as an artist’s canvas has allowed BHEKI to create avant- garde designs with the spirit of contemporary art and “haute couture fashion.” BHEKI products have been available for purchase at various boutiques and at the Brooklyn Flea, Hester Street Fair, The Brooklyn Indie Market and Artist and Fleas. 

My artwork has been featured in exhibitions at The Affordable Art Fair, Arts@Renaissance, The Amos Eno Gallery, The Broadway Gallery, The Brooklyn Artillery Art Fair, Cameo Gallery, the Chelsea Market Gallery and the Christopher Henry Gallery. In addition, I have co-organized group exhibitions and collaborative installations at Built Show Room, Lower Eastside Gallery at CSVC, Creative Pier’s Interactive Art Gallery and the Urban Arts Fest in Castlebraid’s Lofts. In 2010, I organized a creative and conceptual event at the Knitting Factory titled LOVE and afFUNCTION. This event was the first of an art, music and fashion series hosted by Brooklyn Kingdom’s Pop Up shop. In 2011, I exhibited my solo project, Nite Light, in Chashama's 266 Gallery. This exhibit was supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Most recently (April 2014), I had a solo exhibition at the Roux Roux gallery in Carrol Gardens.

I'm currently working on a new series of oil paintings that I plan on completing and exhibiting in 2016. 9-5, I'm a graphic designer.