Rebecca Sherman

Rebecca Sherman’s artwork is inspired by New York City’s constant evolution, collective memory, imaginary picture and ultimate essence. The images feature architectural structures and transcendental environments of an urban landscape intoxicated by color and illumination. Based on the idea of a pre-coded landscape, her dream-like metropolis utilizes fragments of the real world in transit.
She has recently begun to integrate, layer and manipulate her traditional practice of painting and drawing with photography, collage, digital technology, projection and installation. Her creative process involves a series repetitive re-interpretations; extending the dialog from one artistic medium and making it available for further elaboration in new media, context and experience. The quixotic reconstruction of the city paints a visual soundtrack for the intangible experience of its changing space.

Rebecca Sherman currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

© Rebecca Sherman.  FolioLink © Kodexio ™ 2016